One day, George was traveling down the road...


"I was fishing a FLW, BFL tournament at 1000 Islands out of Waddington, NY on June 27, 2015.  After weigh-in, at about 5:00 PM, I started heading home to Central PA in my Ford F350 towing my BassCat Cougar boat, about a 200 mile trip. An hour into the trip home the heavy rains and high winds started, it was bad enough that I got detoured off one of my routes because of downed electrical wires across the roadway, branches and leaves were scattered all over the roads in PA.  

I made it home at approximately 10:00PM and since it was still raining hard, I didn’t put the boat in the garage and just grabbed a couple things out of the truck and went in the house. The next morning I went outside to unload the truck and put the boat in the garage……that's when I noticed something stuck on my Rock Tamers mud flap on the drivers side.  At first I thought it was a tree branch stuck on the flap, but then I discovered what I had seen was actually a 3/8” steel rod about 20” long sticking in the mud flap like an arrow.


Who knows what would have happened to my boat if I didn’t have the Rock Tamers on my truck?????  I’m just glad I did!!!!!"


George Barnes, Happy Rock Tamers Customer