We LOVE hearing from our happy customers!  Below is a very nice note sent to us by David, a first time Rock Tamers buyer...



Ordered your product from Amazon.  Just installed it this evening.  I would just like to say the following:  


  • Excellent product 
  • Worth every penny
  • Excellent packaging
  • All hardware is quality and all pieces were present ( so frustrating when this isn't the case)
  • Everything fit as it was supposed to 
  • Well designed
  • Love the ability to remove when not towing
  • Very robust system
  • Adjustable (for height, sailing, bumper, exhaust, etc)
  • Excellent "How-to" video on YouTube...was able to grab all needed tools ahead of time, establish a work space, and go!  Me, my tools, and my iPad in the driveway!
  • Assembly and installation were so logical, my six year-old daughter was excited to help- thank you!

I just bought an Airstream Sport this year...that line does not come with front segment protectors and I have been worried since purchase...the segment protectors are triple the price of Rock Tamers, and still would show their own damage if they caught a rock...this was a clear example of a couple hundred dollars to save a couple thousand...

We live in a world (unfortunately) where quality and pride in craftsmanship have fallen by the wayside....NOT with you guys...I'm impressed.  (Hitch now takes up a chunk of space in the garage, but hey....)


Well done!  I wish you great success!  For anyone that says "too expensive" or "did not assemble properly"....well, there are always going to be "those people"....your product rocks! (Pun intended).  Keep up the great work!!


David Hixon