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Locking Fasteners, Standard/Metric Kit

  • The Ultimate Kit is the complete hardware solution
  • The Rattle Stop® fasteners securely attach the license plate and frame together on the 2 lower fastener holes to prevent rattling
  • The kit includes: 4 standard locking stainless Star Pin® fasteners (1/4" x 3/4" (6.35 x 19.05 mm)), 4 metric locking stainless Star Pin®  fasteners (m6 x20mm), 4 steel nylon lock nuts, 4 metric locking stainless Star Pin® fasteners ( 5m x 20mm (may fit BMW/Cooper)),  4 "Rattle Stop®"  fasteners, 8 black plastic spacers,  4 plastic nuts (1/4" (6.35 mm)), 1 unique Star Pin® key for installation
  • The locking Star Pin® fasteners are designed to deter removal of a license plate
  • Designed to fit all novelty/license plate frames
  • SKU: 81500

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